Lightsabre light (well, torch really)

Lets face it, we’ve all played at being a Jedi and waved sonething around making swoosh & zwum noises.  Many of us even have toy lightsabres, with many levels of authenticity and quality available, they are probably the most common Star Wars toy around and don’t even qualify as tat as their purpose mirrors that in the film.

However, here is a replica lightsabre where the primary function isn’t for re-enacting Vader versus Obiwan, its to help light the path to your front door (or away from the dark side, your choice).

As a lightsabre it is somewhat lacking as the beam will not be as pronounced or solid as one usually desires, but as I torch I’m sure it is an improvement on a broom handle covered in fluorescent material


Available from, and probably other places too.


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