Youngling graduation present

Don’t oversleep and miss the droid army’s invasion of Naboo, program your astromech droid to project the time and beep himself silly with this. The legs move and everything.  Wow!

Wake up Porkins

Wake up Porkins

I have tested one of these for the past couple of months now and can report that the projector thing is top notch, but not all that useful as it only comes on when the alarm goes off and Artoo is bleating for Threepio, and I’m frantically trying to find the button to shut him up.

The LCD clock display is pointless as its not backlit and so small you’d need to be into  robophilia and therefore have it on the pillow next to you.

But to Artoo’s credit I’ve not been late since he’s been sweeping the area for intruders, and it is a step up from the generic alarm clock previously entrusted with the galaxy’s saviour.

Available from Firebox as well as many other online emporiums


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